Ring of Aeon 925

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Ring of Aeon 925 consists of two parallell ring shapes with 12-14 (depending on the size) intersecting bars. Ring of Aeon 925 consists of solid 925 sterling silver and it has a partly polished and partly rough mat finish.

Size Guide

The Ring of Aeon 925 is offered in a size range of 60-74 mm and the size is measured as the inner circumference of the ring band, stated in millimeters.

In order to find out your ring size you may measure your finger using an ordinary measuring tape that shows millimeters. Make sure to hold it tightly around your finger.

You may also use a reference ring. Choose a ring that fits well on the same finger that you intend to wear your Ring of Aeon 925 on and then measure the inner circumference, for example by placing a thread along the inside of the ring band and then measuring the length of the thread with a ruler. Note that you need to choose a reference wing with approximately the same width as the Ring of Aeon 925 (≈ 15 mm), since this affects the size.

May we also suggest to visit your local jeweler to have your finger professionally measured. Let them know that you are interested in sizes for wider rings and measured as the inner circumference stated in millimeters.

If you are not sure about what size to choose, please do feel free to contact us!

If you anyway should need to change your ring size after delivery, we offer up to 14 days of free exchanges.

Technical Data

Sterling Silver
Metal Silver Ag
Purity ‰ 925/1000
Total Weight ≈ 16-17 g (depending on size)
Height 3.5 mm
Width 15 mm
Inner circumference 60-74 mm (size range)


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