Necklace of Caelus with Leather Strap

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* Very Dark Brown


The Necklace of Caelus with leather strap comes in our most exclusive precious metal mixes - 21K yellow gold, 21K light pink gold and 950 platinum.

The pendant, that is entirely made of solid gold or platinum, has a 2.4 ct solitaire rose cut black natural diamond surrounded by 12 carmosé brilliant cut black natural diamonds of 0.025 ct each. At the tip of each of the 16 bars that are mounted symmetrically around the center of the pendant, there is a brilliant cut natural black diamond of 0.015 ct.

The pendant hangs neatly around your neck in a 2 mm lamb nappa leather strap, in either black or almost black (very dark brown). The leather strap is attached around your neck with a T-bar lock.

Size Guide

You may choose between three different sizes on the leather strap that is included with the Necklace of Caelus with Leather Strap. The size is calculated as the total length of the leather strap and the lock combined and you may choose between 60, 70 and 80 centimeters.

If you are hesitating about what size to choose, please feel free to contact us for further guidance!

We offer 14 days of free exchanges after delivery, should you need to change sizes of the leather strap that comes with your Necklace of Caelus.

Technical Data

21K Gold
Precious metal Gold (Au)
Purity ‰ 875/1000
Gold weigh ≈ 53.5 g incl lock
950 Platinum
Precious metal Platinum (Pt)
Purity ‰ 950/1000
Platinum weigh ≈ 59 g incl lock
 Black Diamonds
Cut Rose cut solitaire, brilliant cut carmosé and bar mounted stones
Color Black
Clarity Opaque
Carat weigh 1 x 2.4 + 12 x 0.025 + 16 x 0.015 ≈ 2.9 ct
Lamb Nappa Leather Strap
Origin Nigeria
Place of manufacturing Italy
Padding Cotton
Diameter ≈ 2 mm
Lock T-Bar lock with attached BAIAE logo plate
Pendant diameter excl loops for strap ≈ 52 mm
Pendant height excl solitaire stone ≈ 5 mm
Pendant outer ring height ≈ 3.5 mm
Pendant outer ring width ≈ 2 mm
Lock ring diameter ≈ 10 mm
Lock ring thickness ≈ 1.5 mm
Lock pin length ≈ 16 mm
Lock pin thickness ≈ 1.5 mm
Logo plate diameter ≈ 12 mm
Logo plate thickness ≈ 1 mm
Leather strap diameter ≈ 2 mm


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