X-tra: Nappa Leather Strap for Bracelet of Sors

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* Very Dark Brown


The Nappa Leather Strap for Bracelet of Sors is made from the finest Italian Lamb Nappa with a soft cotton padding, measuring 4 mm in diameter. The strap ends are tied together with a precious metal thread in either 21K yellow gold, 21K light pink gold or 950 platinum.

Size Guide

The size of the leather strap corresponds to the inner circumference when wrapped and locked with your Bracelet of Sors around your wrist.

To come up with the right size on your Nappa Leather Strap for Bracelet of Sors, you need to measure around your wrist from where you intend to wear your bracelet. Then add one or two extra centimeters to your wrist size, in order to calculate your leather strap size. If you prefer to wear it tight, add only one centimeter, and if you prefer it loose, add up to two centimeters to your wrist measurement. However may we suggest not to add more than two centimeters because you will most likely find the bracelet to be too loose.

If there are any uncertainties about your size, please contact us for guidance!

You may up to 14 days after delivery change sizes free of charge.

Technical Data

Lamb Nappa Leather
Origin Nigeria
Place of manufacturing Italy
Padding Cotton
Diameter ≈ 4 mm
21K Gold
Precious metal Gold (Au)
Purity ‰ 21 karat; 875/1000
Gold weigh ≈ 2 g
950 Platinum
Precious metal Platinum (Pt)
Purity ‰ 950/1000
Platinum weigh ≈ 2.2 g


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